University of Wroclaw:

• courses: Psychology (general),  Developmental psychology

Jagiellonian University:

• courses: Psychotherapy (classes in the course of Grzegorz Iniewicz, PhD), Statistics Methods in Research Work (lecture), Close Relationships seminar, Dark Triad master seminar, Psychology in the contemporary world (lecture), Individual differences (lecture)

Jagiellonian University Extension:

• trainings: Interpersonal skills – within „Noble Prize Winners 2050” project

Cracow University of Technology:

• courses: Journalism

Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University:

• courses: Methodology of psychological research

Higher School of Economics and Computer Science in Cracow:

• courses: Psychology of Sales, Communication and negotiation, Psychology, Interpersonal skills


2007 Public Relations specialist in Foundation for Jagiellonian University

2005 – 2006 practice in Outpatient Family Therapy, Institute of Psychiatry, University Hospital, Jagiellonian University Medical College

2004 – 2005 practice in  Psychosomatic Clinic and Family Therapy, University Polish-American Children’s Hospital of Cracow, Prokocim.